Thursday, September 26, 2019

Clairvoyant Readings Create Deep Healing 

When I was 20 years old, I traveled to the Philippines with a group of trained psychics to visit psychic surgeons, or healers that performed manifestation operation. I was the assistant tour director of Deja Vu Tours with the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I observed and experienced personally as each healer channeled a high frequency through their hands into a visible white light, open up the skin on a part of the body and remove spiritual blockages called "ectoplasm." 

We were left with a thin, red line where the energetic operation had taken place and a strange tingling feeling; and a renewed sense of joy and awe that we are made of energy and magic. 

What was critical, I was told by these healers, was that it is our habitual thoughts and emotions that manifest the blocks or disease in the physical body. When we change the way we are "running" our energy through our bodies we prevent the same manifestation or blocks to build up again. Our group was a psychic healing group, so we were excited to receive communication about energetic blocks and visualize our energy and thoughts shifted to get healthier. We were trained to scan or read energetic patterns and impressions around the body and communicate where energy was stuck or being depleted.

Do you want to heal? Caroline Myss, medical intuitive and author of Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, believes that many people don't want to heal. Rather they are addicted to "energetic wounds,"past hurts and emotions in the form of a story we tell ourselves and others that have come to define us. Caroline Myss calls this "woundology." We compare our hurts with others to get sympathy and reinforce our perceived limitations. These wound stories concentrate stuck energy in areas in the body such as the stomach or heart and can manifest as emotional and physical illness and disease. 

How do you find out about your energetic health and heal? A clairvoyant reading and classes on your energetic body can help you immensely to become more healthy and vital. I have trained and mastered the ability to observe the energetic patterns around people, read the energetic data around and in the person's body. I see where they are losing power.  One reading session can have powerful effects. 

We all need to have our annual physical check-up, but have you had an energetic check-up? Our energetic health is as important as our physical health. With our thoughts and emotions, we lose energy each day. Our biology doesn't just form from the food we eat, but our emotional experiences and perceptions that we hold onto from our past. We actually drain our life force by keeping this past alive. 

Are your relationships abundant or depleting? Is your work fulfilling or draining? You can gain an energetic profile through a private reading session and through attending classes and workshops to learn more about your energetic body and how to run energy in your body.  Once you know how your energetic system works, you can protect your energy and replenish yourself to have more vitality in all areas of your life. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

5 Signs that Your Spirit is Awakening

Welcome to Spring! Like this Terrapin Turtle, it's time to awaken out of hibernation, and get going. I've been teaching clairvoyance for over 30 years. Awakening to your spiritual self is a lot like this turtle emerging from a deep dark place of hibernation. You find there is a whole new world available to you!

I have learned to "spot" when someone is truly shifting and developing their intuition by the questions they ask and the way they integrate their new awareness into their lives. The true development of your intuition is not about communicating with ghosts or finding yourself spontaneously predicting the future. These capabilities are the junior moments of your intuitive awakening. They are merely the beginning.
You will find that you open up to a world that is far larger than you thought possible, an experience beyond the limitations of the personality into the greatness of who you really are. Where do you think your search for purpose comes from? Your desire to be of service? This isn't the idle dreams of the ego self, it is the bigger picture, the soul awakening. 

5 Signs that Your Spirit is Awakening
  1. You used to have very obvious psychic insights. These have started to fade and you worry if you still have them. Truth is they haven’t faded they’ve integrated.
  2. You see through others. This is becoming spookily easy and you begin to wonder if you’ll have any friends left. Friendships, connections, relationships, are going through an authentic moment. You’ll deepen your true relationships into life-long connections. The superficial ones will fade.
  3. You are more neutral - things and people don’t bother you in the way they used to and you laugh more. 
  4. You no longer ask “what’s going to happen to me?” You are asking about the nature of your current experience, tuning in to the present moment and enjoying the pleasure you get from seeing the world unfold as you asked or intended. You want feedback or validation for your experiences rather than answers. 
  5. You realize you are no longer a victim, affected by the world, but you are the one affecting your world. You no longer want someone to give you all the answers. You no longer believe everything that is told to you in your family, the media and school. You become a true seeker. 

Ultimately, you become a “pilgrim” seeking your own answers using a proper filter to take in insights from others and align it with your own understandings, allowing some information to fit and other information to fall away. 

We are all here to find this “sweet spot” of being a pilgrim or seeker on our path - integrating our experiences and insights into a miraculous life. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You are a Light Bulb --Raise Your Wattage!

You are a Light Bulb--Raise Your Wattage!  

Ever wonder why you have chosen to be a spiritual seeker of new insights and understandings while others in your life have not? Have you also wondered how you can reach such new understandings but still not bring these truths into your daily life? It can all be explained using my light bulb analogy

I have a special relationship with light bulbs. There are always a couple of different-sized light bulbs rolling around in my car, taking up space in the cup holders. I live in an old Victorian house which has multiple light fixtures containing different sized bulbs. At my last trip to the hardware store, I was told that certain bulbs can withstand vibration and bring in higher wattage because the filament is stronger. These are used in ceiling fans for example. I learned that the brightness of the bulb is not about the casing but the quality of the filament inside. This gave me the idea that helps explain energy and light in my work as a clairvoyant reader and teacher. 

Imagine that each of us is a lightbulb with a filament, our nervous system along the spine, that allows us to take in 40 Watts, 60 Watts, 120 Watts or even 1000 Watts of light frequency. Light represents pure information and the truth that we are really beings of light in this illusionary human experience. 

As spiritual seekers, we resonate frequently with powerful new truths and understandings and must upgrade our filament from 60 watts to a 1000 watts or higher. This feels and vibrates as energy, joy, enthusiasm and love. Over time, we vibrate naturally at a higher wattage. People in our lives who choose to remain at the lower, 60 watts will not be able to handle the new frequency or wattage of light the spiritual seeker puts out. Their filaments are limited and they could "blow a fuse." They can resist our changes by being skeptical or not wanting to join us in our new level of enthusiasm. 

Sometimes we have raised our vibration to 1000 watts, but our dreams are still not manifesting. We need to raise our awareness more consistently. Many of the things we dream of having in our lives, our filament or “nervous system” is not yet prepared to receive. We may say "I can't believe it finally happened!" and then our project goes away. 

The truth is that you only create what you are ready to receive. Some people win large amounts of money and lose it all in a month because they can't really "have" it in the body. You may meet the person of your dreams, but sabotage the relationship quickly as you “can’t handle it.” 

How do we increase our wattage to bring in more creativity and manifest our dreams through our body? We must support and build our filament, or nervous system, so it can take on more. What would it take for you to bring in a higher wattage of light and prepare yourself for receiving all you dream of? 

Steps to Increase your Wattage: 

1. Become resilient. Think of yourself as a light house, a beacon, or a lantern lighting the way. You glow and grow from the inside out. Close your eyes and imagine the filament along your spine. You imagine and feel your nervous system, taking on light --1000 watts, even 10,000 watts of joy! 

As a way-shower, you don't take it personally when someone with an underdeveloped filament of 60 watts rejects your help or your new understandings. They are not prepared to receive the level of light information which you offer. Know there are other people who are ready to receive you as you hold your light in new friendships and situations. 

2. Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs for support to receive your dreams. It often needs certain nutrients and exercise and love. 

3. Spend time doing something that brings you joy. Learn something new, listen to an inspiring lecture or watch an inspiring movie. 

3.Memorize and repeat a personal affirmation. I am happy and grateful that I am now a receiver of light and each day my filament is enhanced to bring in more love and understandings.

4. Seek out enlightened conversation and people. When you are in the presence of someone else’s bright light, your filament is enhanced because we naturally match others and learn to raise our light capacity. A clairvoyant reading is a communication geared towards raising your vibration. 

5. Be generous. When you give away light in the frequency of love, you open yourself up to receive light and increase your wattage. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life's Journey Is a Circle --The Call to Adventure & To Return

A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.
Joseph Campbell,
The Hero With a Thousand Faces 

Each of us is a hero on our own journey of self-discovery. Rather than a straight path, our journey takes the form of a circle. To be in this circular journey, we must cross the same threshold twice. First, we cross from the known world of our beliefs and perceptions into the world of the unknown. Then we must return back over the threshold  to the original world transformed and ready to share this knew knowledge and understandings. In between these two threshold crossings, we must experience trials , revelations and transformations. 

In one lifetime, we must cycle through these stages at least once to be fulfilled. When we do this several times, it forms a spiral. This spiral can be seen as you imagine having many lifetimes of completing these circular adventures. 

It's not the trials and challenges that are most daunting though, it's the crossing of the threshold between the known and unknown worlds that requires the most energy, motivation and assistance. We are constantly challenged by the resistance to change. There is actually a fear of this. Most heroes are reluctant when they hear the call to adventure. They are used to the ordinary world and its perceptions even if they no longer fit in. Once the adventure has begun, and the threshold crossed, the hero moves through challenges and discovers that he or she is a new person. They don't know how they can fit in and incorporate their new understandings into the original, ordinary world they lived in before. Thus, they are reluctant to return home when they hear the call to return back to the ordinary world. Heroes must always have guidance to navigate these thresholds.  

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz had a tornado "call" her out of the ordinary world into Oz where she was guided by Glenda the good witch. Once she realized her own courage and strength from all her trials and revelations, she felt "called" to return home. She needed Glenda again to help show her back when she was ready to return. The mentor always shows up when the hero is ready to move on to the next step of the journey. 

Which stage are you experiencing on your journey?  Are you crossing the threshold? Are you hearing the call to adventure or change? Or are you moving toward your return to the ordinary world to share your transformation and your new version of yourself? The place around the thresholds can feel dense and dark.  When you are stuck there, you experience feelings of stagnation and frustration and find yourself distracted or sabotaged, especially if you try to do this alone. You have access to mentors, helpers and magical guides. A hero never completes the stages alone. 

Once you realize where you are on your journey:
* Take note of your helpers - who can you talk to about your need to move forward? Who can give you guidance to navigate this darkness?
*Who is doing what you would like to do next in the world (a job, a level of understanding)?  Research how they got there. Find out if you can get assistance from someone in that area of interest to move you to that next place.
*Be available for change and assistance by speaking positively about your growth.
*Know that it is natural on your journey to change and grow and then share it with the people around you. Your sharing of your new perceptions creates the "call" for others to cross the threshold to their own adventure. 
*Know that you are supported and guided at all times and you will not stay stuck for long --the hero always gets divine assistance to move forward in divine time.

A Psychic's Favorite List of Movies

Movies That Move You
These are some of my favorite movies which contain fabulous storytelling with psychic, strange situations, or otherworldly elements. Many will disorient you and surprise you.  Each movie will leave you inspired and transformed. The ones with the asterisk are considered horror; though, I find them more quirky and strange than scary. Enjoy!

Alice (1988) --Alice in Wonderland story using animated dolls by Jan Svenkmajer
American Werewolf in London* (1981)
The Beach
A Beautiful Mind
Being John Malkovich
Burnt Offerings* (1976)
Cloud Atlas
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  
Green Mile 
Harry Potter Series 1-8
Harold and Maude 
The Illusionist
Interview with the Vampire
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)*
Lord of the Rings -Series
The Matrix -Series
Midnight in Paris
Minority Report 
O Brother Where Art Thou?
The Others* 
Pan’s Labyrinth*
Practical Magic
The Princess Bride
The Shining*
Shawshank Redemption
Shutter Island
The Sixth Sense*
Sliding Doors
Somewhere in Time
Source Code 
Terminator 1, 2
The Truman Show
Twelve Monkeys
Vanilla Sky
What Dreams May Come
Willy Wonka – the original (1971)
The Witches of Eastwick
The Wizard of Oz

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kokology: Know Thyself Using Powerful Symbols

Kokology is a Japanese study of mind and spirit through games which use specific symbols that stand for something deeper in your life. These games take your through a guided "Day Dream" allowing you to gain deep insights into yourself and your relationships. Symbols are a powerful way to access your subconscious and bypass the "analyzer" part of your thoughts. You are free to "make it up" and access your imagination and thus your true, inner spirit. 

These games are usually played best with two people. One person describes the symbols in story form and the other person listens and helps to interpret their meaning. These games can also be played alone by writing down the descriptions and interpreting the meaning yourself.

Clairvoyance involves this same practice of seeing symbols to interpret people and situations. In the case of a clairvoyant reading, the reader is "seeing," describing and interpreting the symbols for the readee to create an insightful, spiritual communication. 

Try this example of a kokology game taken from Ancient Sufi texts called the "Cube Game:" Answer the questions completely on a piece of paper before reading the meanings behind the symbols below.
1) Answer everything honestly; 2) Write the answers that pop up the first time you read the question; 3) Do not try to predict the answers; 4) Do not read ahead. 

Imagine there is a desert. In this desert there is a cube
*What does it look like? Describe it completely.
*How big is it? 
*What is it made of?

Imagine a ladder. Describe it completely and relation to the cube.
*How is it positioned in relation to the cube?
*What is it made of?
*What condition is it in?

Imagine a horse. Describe it completely and in relation to the cube.
*How big is it?
*What color is it?
*What is it doing?

Imagine a storm. Where is it and describe it in relation to the cube.
*What is it like?
*How does it affect the cube, ladder and horse?

Imagine there are flowers. Describe them completely and in relation to the cube.
*What are they like?
*How many are there?

Write out your answers completely before looking at the meanings behind the symbols below. The more you tell a story around your descriptions, the deeper your insights will be. You can do this on your own or with a friend. Have fun!

Free Clairvoyant Readings to the first 3 comments on this post. Describe the symbols as you first saw them and I will give you a clairvoyant reading in a response on this blog. Private message me if you would like to know more about your own interpretation ( I offer private readings on the phone, in-person or email as well as clairvoyant development classes in-person or via Skype. 
See below for the meanings of the symbols:*


The cube is a symbol of how you see yourself. What material was your cube made of? Something strong, or ephemeral or organic or cold? Accessible or impenetrable?

The ladder is a symbol of how you see your friends. Was the ladder touching your cube? Did one support the other?

The horse is a symbol representing how you see your lover. Was your horse real? A toy? Moving or still? Alive? Calm or upset?

The storm represents what you perceive to be the trouble or conflict currently in your life. Was your storm near or far? Dangerous or benign? Scary?

And finally, the flowers are symbols of your "children" (real or conceptual). Were there many flowers? Were they big or small? Were they well taken care of, or let go to grow wild?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Got Ghosts? Gettysburg Does: A Halloween Story

This past summer I had the opportunity to participate in events of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. As a clairvoyant, traveling to a documented, spooky place I was intrigued to find out what makes a place crawl with ghosts --I found the answer: plenty of unsettled spirits. 

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was the site of the bloodiest and most tragic three days during the Civil War, July 1-3, 1863. The Union and the Confederate “Rebs” converged on the farmland and surrounding hills of this small town now considered “hallowed ground.” As part of the 150th Anniversary, there were over 50,000 Civil War re-enactors creating each of the battles of these painful and terrifying days. The point of the event was to  honor and somehow heal the suffering and pain that occurred here. 

During those three days, over 50,000 soldiers from both sides died on the surrounding fields and in the buildings of Gettysburg. The people of the town, just numbering 1300, were unprepared to manage the number of dead and dying. Many soldiers were left to die alone on the battlefield where they were struck down. The weapons of this war were new, violent types of bullets and cannonballs that shattered inside the victims and left them no way to heal. If an arm or leg were hit, there would be no recourse except to cut the limb off to prevent gangrene -sometimes right on the battlefield. If you got hit in the torso or head, you were made to feel more comfortable and left to die where you lay. Horse-drawn wagons used as early ambulances had just been invented and were rare and inefficient. 

The buildings of Gettysburg were filled with soldiers either waiting or suffering the process of amputation - - many with no type of anesthetic. The children who lived in the town had the job of carting away the limbs and making piles of over 10,000 in the streets to be buried. Doctors were called “bone saws” and did their work with rusty, filthy saws and medicine made from mercury.  Many soldiers pulled their weapon when they saw a “bone saw” coming their way. Because of the filthy conditions, most soldiers died anyway within weeks due to infection. 

The majority of soldiers who perished in this battle were hard to identify except through pictures of loved ones in their pockets. Identification “dog” tags were not in use yet. Many relatives wandered the fields days later searching for their loved ones. They could do this because the number of corpses on the surrounding hills and farm lands were too numerous to bury. The battle took place on Union land so only the bodies of those soldiers were properly buried in the nearby cemetery -- but many up to two years later. Thousands of bodies of the confederate soldiers lay in the fields exposed and  “bleaching in the sun” for weeks. The people of Gettysburg did not have the manpower to pick up these corpses and bury them. The armies left behind over 7,000 dead scattered around the battlefield. The sheer number of rapidly decomposing bodies posed an imminent health hazard, if not a ghastly scene.  As one Confederate soldier recalled passing over the fields northwest of Gettysburg on July 4, “The sights and smells that assailed us were simply indescribable-corpses swollen to twice their size, asunder with the pressure of gases and vapors…The odors were nauseating, and so deadly that in a short time we all sickened and were lying with our mouths close to the ground, most of us vomiting profusely.”  

Needless to say, the remaining soldiers and residents of the area quickly covered the bodies in hasty, shallow graves with no markers. The farmers had to continue planting crops with bodies and bullets strewn amongst the harvests. It wasn’t until nine years later that many of these soldiers were disinterred and moved to proper resting places though not identified. The pain and misery of all these men and the families can still be felt on the lands, hills and buildings of Gettysburg. 

I found out that the ground under the farms where the battles took place are made of  limestone  which has the ability to conduct spirit - just adding to the “unsettled” atmosphere. I wanted to “capture” some ghosts with my camera either in the form of orbs or ghostly light shapes. These days, phone cameras work very well to capture these. I find that dusk or night is the best time. The radiation of the sunlight has an effect on spirits in the atmosphere, it is easier to capture them as the sun (and radiation) goes down. Even though my job as a clairvoyant is to practice “seeing” energy, I use my clairsentient or feeling center below the navel first in my body to “feel” when there is an active spirit nearby. I also feel an excitement in my heart center when a spirit is near. As I get these feelings, I come into my clairvoyant center in the forehead to see and hear.  I take a picture into the darkness and ask questions to the spirit (silently from the center of my head). I find that flash helps to “capture” these spirits. I captured these orbs on the battlefield called Cemetery Hill shortly after the memorial service to the soldiers. 

These pictures are of three soldiers who were just boys - 15 years old to 17 years old. They were left behind on the battlefield, injured and sick. They were related as siblings or cousins and couldn’t abandon each other. They were sad they did not properly say good bye to their mother and other relatives. I said a prayer and imagined their spirits being lifted to the light of the Supreme Being to set their spirits free from this place of confusion, loss and pain. Here is the second picture -- it’s all light! 

I noticed that many of these people who had traveled from all over the country were re-living their past life experiences or had felt the enduring regret of a lost family member to the war. Many were there to “find” their lost relative and redeem the pain for their family. I didn’t have to just use my imagination - there were people acting it out. At one point 30,000 on-lookers like me participated in a battle re-enactment alongside the costumed soldiers on the actual land it took place - “Pickett’s charge.” I realized I had experienced a past life in this misery as well and felt so grateful to be here in 2013 to finally heal!